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Focused on Wine conducts wine education courses throughout the year.  Whether you are a novice or aficionado, Stephanie Cruz-Green takes students on a exciting wine journey!  

Register at the shop or via email at for any of the classes listed below.

Wine Sensory 101 - February 23, 2013

Wine Club Members and advance registration by February 13th:  $200 per person

Fee after February 13th is $250 per person and includes wine and food social

This is a fun, fascinating and intellectually stimulating class for the novice to the experienced wine enthusiast!  During this one-day session you will learn how professionals analyze wine in the glass through sight, smell and taste.  What does the color mean?  What does "the wine has legs" refer to?  Is barnyard smell bad?  I taste snickerdoodles - is that okay?

Owner, Certified Sommelier and Masters of Wine/Master Sommelier Candidate,
Stephanie Cruz Green will lead you through the ins and outs of tasting wines from all over the globe.  Domestic, local and global wines from both hemispheres will be poured providing you with a range of wines to compare, contrast and discuss.  Stephanie will talk about the characteristic differences between old world and new world wines, man-made and natural influences on wine, label deciphering, and an overview of what winemakers can and cannt do when making the wine.

Sensory 101 will not only expand your vocabulary but your palate as well.  After the class you will be treated to a sumptuous buffet of savories and sweets influenced by the wines featured that day.  If you've been to any of our classes or events you know the food rocks as much as the wine! 

Seating is limited so register soon!  Early birds pay $200 per person if your paid reservation is received by February 13th.  Cost is $250 per person thereafter.  To register, email and reserve your seat at the table!

Taste of Europe! France, Italy, Spain and Germany

Coming soon!  If  you are interested in this session's topic, email us at so we can put you on our mailing list.

The Taste of Europe will undoubtedly make you want to take a trip to Europe to experience the wine, food, and terroir  first hand!  We will explore the well known regions of France, Italy, Spain and Germany exploring each so that you can understand labels, taste components, aromatics, terroir, soils, and so much more. A few of the regions we will explore are Bordeaux in France, Tuscany in Italy, Rioja in Spain and Mosel in Germany.  Come taste some fabulous wines......

Create Your Own Food and Wine Education Class!

Gather together 10 of your friends, choose a date!  We can come to you or you can enjoy yourselves at The Shop!  Custom select for your interests!  We offer the following options:

  • tasting events - choose a region, a varietal and let us guide you in understanding and tasting the nuances
  • education classes - learn more about tasting wine, a region or a varietal
  • food and wine pairing dinner - host a food and wine pairing dinner in your home or location of choice with a custom menu and wine pairing selections

Contact owner Stephanie Cruz-Green directly at to inquire.